Building constitutional democracy on oriental foundations: An anatomy of Sun Yat-Sen’s constitutionalism


  • Eric Chiyeung Ip Universidad de Hong Kong


Palabras clave:

History of Constitutional Thought, China, Sun Yat-sen, Five-Power Constitution, Confucianism


Sun Yat-sen was one of the earliest and most influential political thinkers in East Asia who advocated constitutional democracy. How different was his model from its Western counterparts? Most of Sun’s constitutional thought was built on blocks of ancient Chinese political philosophy, which might not be easy for outsiders to understand. Although his set of ideas was not short of criticisms, it was indeed creative and pioneering in late 19th and early 20th century China. How successful was Sun’s controversial yet exciting prototype in integrating democratic constitutionalism with regionalized Oriental political traditions, which have for centuries developed in a course fundamentally different from that of the West?

Fecha envío: 17/10/2007
Fecha aceptación: 21/12/2007

Biografía del autor/a

Eric Chiyeung Ip, Universidad de Hong Kong

Asistente de investigación en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Hong Kong (HKU). Graduado con honores en dicha Universidad. Ha sido editor ejecutivo de Politika: Annual Journal of Political Science, y Presidente del HKU Politics and Public Administration Association. Sus intereses académicos incluyen el Derecho Administrativo comparado, el Derecho constitucional, y la teoría jurídica.